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Foreign Currency Exchange in Tampa, Florida

About Our Branch Locations in Tampa, Florida

CXI is the largest and most trusted foreign currency exchange specialist in North America. Our clients can exchange foreign currency quickly and easily knowing our scale means more value for them. CXI’s expansive direct-to-consumer service network of company-owned retail branches,agent locations, and affiliate retail locations (most of which are open seven days a week including evenings) aims to provide the Tampa, Florida area the best foreign currency exchange experience to all clients. In additional CXI serves customers in many states through its OnlineFX Home Delivery service.

CXI’s company-owned retail locations offer foreign currency on demand (no waiting) for the most popular international currencies. In addition to exchangingforeign currency banknotes,CXI cashes American Express foreign and US traveler's cheques and sells gold bullion American Eagle coins1, Canadian Maple Leaf coins1,Royal Canadian Mint bars1,along with other products tailored to each market it services.

CXI’s currency exchange rates at our CXI City Center (company-owned) locations are better than local banks and much better than the airport exchange rates. CXI City Center branches even have a Best Rate Guarantee2 that it will match or beat any local bank for the same foreign currency and exchange amount on the same day and time of the exchange. This way, CXI’s clients will know they are always getting a great exchange value along with the added convenience of service seven days a week.Call your closest location in Tampa to reserve your foreign currency today.
1Not all services are available at every branch. See branch page or contact the branch directly for details.
2The policies of agent locations including CXI Airports and affiliate-owned locations listed on our website may vary. Best Rate Guarantee is only available at CXI City Center (company-owned) locations.

Tampa, Florida – CXI Branch Locations - Currency Exchange International, Corp. (11)

Order Foreign Currency Online for Home Delivery

We make buying over 80 different currencies quick and safe. Order currency online for home delivery and you can have it at your doorstep as soon as the next day. Save yourself time and energy with the most convenient way to buy foreign currency.

OnlineFX for Home Delivery

Ordering Foreign Currency in Tampa, Florida

CXI provides foreign currency exchange services to the Tampa area through our OnlineFX Home Delivery service. Now travelers have the same benefit as our financial institution and business clients with currency shipped directly to them and no longer wait in lines. With more than 1 million transactions a year, CXI is the largest and most trusted foreign currency exchange specialist in North America. Enjoy our competitive rates and highly-rated service to start your international travels.

You don't have to take our word that it's the easiest way for international travelers to buy currency. Our clients love us on TrustPilot.

Rating last retrieved 08/08/21

Tampa, Florida – CXI Branch Locations - Currency Exchange International, Corp. (13)


Tampa, Florida – CXI Branch Locations - Currency Exchange International, Corp. (14)

We’ve purchased different currency from a few different sellers, but Currency Exchange International has been the least trouble, easiest to purchase, and quick on delivery. Thanks to all involved in our purchase.

John and Dana Owen, Trustpilot

Tampa, Florida – CXI Branch Locations - Currency Exchange International, Corp. (15)

It was sooo stress free with this currency exchange!!! Their fee exchanged rate was the BEST I have seen yet!!! Whenever I'm traveling to Mexico I will take the drive to stop by there for sure!!!

Emiko, Yelp

Tampa, Florida – CXI Branch Locations - Currency Exchange International, Corp. (16)

Easy to order, quality of currency, and fast shipping makes CXI the only place I purchase foreign currency. I highly recommend them!

Jeri Lynn Meyer, Trustpilot

Tampa, Florida – CXI Branch Locations - Currency Exchange International, Corp. (17)

Benefits of buying foreign currency online or on your mobile

With all of the things you need to do before traveling internationally, do you have time to worry about the foreign currency you’ll need for your trip? Of course, you don’t.

CXI OnlineFX Home Delivery is the quickest way to buy foreign currency online. Now you don’t even have to leave the comfort of your home to order foreign currency. Check out all of our new benefits you can take advantage of.

  • Order foreign currency online or on your mobile device whenever, wherever
  • Save money on your last-minute foreign currency needs
  • Easily access over 80 foreign currencies
  • Quickly have your foreign currency delivered to your home - as fast as the next day
  • 24/7 access to order the foreign currency you need on the go
  • More time planning your perfect vacation, less time worrying about foreign currency
  • Never leave the comfort of your home to get your foreign currency
  • Always feel prepared before you travel abroad with your foreign currency ready in hand

How to order foreign currency online in 3 easy steps for delivery in Tampa, Florida

Your ticket to happy travels starts with CXI's OnlineFX Home Delivery. It’s your new and convenient choice to get all of your foreign currency delivered straight to your home. Check out our video to see the benefits and how easy it is to use CXI's OnlineFX Home Delivery.

  1. Visit OnlineFX Home Delivery (https://order.ceifx.com) and choose your currency or destination.
  2. Choose Home Delivery and enter your zip code or click "Find Me"
  3. Enter your contact information and payment details.

You're all set for happy travels!

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Tampa, Florida – CXI Branch Locations - Currency Exchange International, Corp. (2024)
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