Best places to exchange money in Tampa - Wise (2024)

Best places to exchange money in Tampa - Wise (1)

Are you heading to Tampa? You will want to ensure you are aware of the local currency and how to obtain it. In addition, you may want to keep track of the current exchange rates and where to change your money to the local currency without getting ripped off.

We will give you a list of the best currency exchanges in Tampa that you can visit in person.

There is also a digital alternative to consider by using Wise. This could save you both time and money.

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Currency exchanges in Tampa

If you’re still into the idea of carrying cash around and exchanging it, here are some popular foreign currency exchange locations in Tampa.

One reminder, though: there’s no such thing as fee-free or 0% commission foreign exchange transactions. So, always check the mid-market exchange rate in advance, so you know how much your money’s worth.

Money ChangerAddressContact Information
Florida Currency Exchange250 Westshore Plaza, Tampa, FL 33609, USA+1 813-637-9500
Currency ExchangeTampa, FL 33607, USA-

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US dollar rate today

The currency used in Tampa, as well as the rest of United States is US dollar.

However, when visiting a currency exchange shop you will notice they use currency codes. The code for US dollar is USD. Keep an eye out for this if you want to compare exchange rates.

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What you should know about exchanging money in Tampa

When exchanging money in Tampa or any foreign city, it's important to be aware how to get the best deals and avoid excessive charges and hidden fees. If you are planning on staying in the USA long-term or looking to make a larger investment you could consider opening a local bank account. Otherwise, use the tips below to help avoid getting overcharged.

1. Pick local currency on ATMs and card payments
When using an ATM abroad, choose to be charged in US dollar for a fairer rate and fees. The same applies if you get the option on card machines.

2. Know the exchange rate
Check what the current exchange rate is so it's easier to spot a bad deal from currency exchanges.

3. Avoid exchanging money at airports or hotels
It may be highly convenient, but airports and hotels will almost always offer poor rates and high transaction fees. Avoid this where possible.

4. Use ATMs strategically
Check if your local bank has partnerships in the USA banks to avoid unwanted ATM fees. Also try to plan ahead and make as few withdrawals as possible to avoid multiple extra fees.

5. Be wary of 'zero fee' services
Some services claiming 'no commission' often offer poor exchange rates. These may not reflect the mid-market rate, similar to what you'd see when checking the rate on Google. This can lead to higher costs for you and more profits for them.

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Bottom line

As you can see, there’s no shortage of options when it comes to exchanging money in Tampa. Don't forget to do your research on the exchange rate before converting your money, and check Wise out if you want a fuss-free alternative to exchanging cash.

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Best places to exchange money in Tampa - Wise (2024)
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