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Major Update


Added detection for when the sain server mod is installed incorrectly. Due to allowing bot types to have sain disabled on them, I need to check to make sure PMC brains are set correctly. You will get an ingame error notification if sain detects that a PMC does not have the correct brain type. Read the error.

Reworking Bot recoil. (Will need more adjustments)

Headshot protection slightly reworked. Instead of always aiming for the specific center mass, it will limit the height of their aim target to the height of center mass, meaning stomach shots should be less frequent.

Added scatter and aim buffs/debuffs for bots using weapons with or without different types of optics.

For example: When using an optic, Bots will be more accurate at long range, and less accurate at close range.

Bots who are shooting at prone or crouching enemies are now more inaccurate.

Bot accuracy when only a single body part is visible is now reduced.

Updated and reworked how bots use flashlights slightly.

Bots who are searching will turn their flashlight on when turning a corner if they are not a sneaky personality type.

Added config option to disable sneaky bot search behavior.

Fixed issue where bots would not properly sense bullets flying by them at range.

Replaced function that detects this with a brand new one, and its working well.

Increased distance that bots can see players shooting at them.

Changes to bot vision:

Peripheral vision is dramatically reduced, they see much slower, and can see less far on enemies further than 45 degrees to their side.

Reduced Bot Raycasts against other bots to optimize.

Bots will have reduced vision speed based on how many body parts are visible or not. So if they can only see your head, they will set you as visible far slower.

Third Party: Bots have reduced vision speed against Non-Active enemies, if they are currently fighting and the other enemy is more than 30 degrees away from where they last saw their active enemy.

Bots see enemies infront of them who have shot recently further.


Hearing range reduced across the board, but especially for bots without headsets (mostly scavs).

Adjusted chance to hear footsteps, they are less likely to hear footsteps on the max range of their hearing.

Added config options for max footstep range while not wearing headset.

Added chance to hear enemy actions (reloading, ect) instead of it being always 100% chance, similar to how hearing footsteps works.

Fixed Bot Taunting and Responding to Enemies being broken. Bots are talking a lot more now.

Scavs now respond to friendly voicelines even when actively fighting an enemy, rather than only when at peace.

(will need to be adjusted now, scavs are a bit too talkative)

Added option to enable PMCs being allowed to aim for the head.

Fixed bots not being able to sprint because other code was forcing them to look in a certain direction.

Fixed bots not sprinting to cover while reloading or healing.

Reworked bot sprinting, now working much better than before.

New Stamina management system for bots sprinting. Bots will dynamically adjust how much stamina to use or keep in reserve based on the action they are doing.

Fixed personality settings not being imported or saved properly.

Reworked how bots look for and decide to fight enemies that are extremely close.

Fixed bots ignoring other enemies that are closer when currently "DogFighting" an enemy.

Fixed bots getting yanked back down to earth after jumping.

Fixed console errors about coroutines being unable to be started on bots.

Moved Headshot protection into the "Aiming" category.

Tweaked sound detection distances and chances.

Added config options to edit the range bots can hear different enemy actions such as reloading or healing. (Advanced)

Added config option to change the max range to report enemy actions for bots without headsets.

Fixed bots not actually "hearing" enemy actions, and thus not being able to act upon the information.

Added frequency limit on the number of sounds a single player can broadcast to bots per second.

Moved Max Footstep distance to global settings.

Added missing sounds that bots can now hear properly.

- Landing from a fall, Vaulting, Breathing, Heavy Breathing, Pain, injury, and Weapon DryFiring.

Reduced the distance that bots can hear looting slightly.

Increased the distance that bots can hear surgery from 40 meters to 55 meters.

Increased the distance that bots can hear grenades being pulled slightly. 25 meters to 30 meters.

Slightly reduced the distance that bots think is within range to rush enemies to better match the reality of the time it takes to get there.

Reworked sounds from aiming, gear, prone, turning to better match the range that a real player can hear those things. Uses the same functions to calculate volume.

Fixed (?) bots using surgery when enemies are too close, or they've seen them recently.

Fixed bots not canceling surgery when an enemy is approaching.

Fixed Errors from SelfActionDecisionClass.

Fixed Errors from SAINPerson Constructor.

Added Joke option to General Settings to add random 1% chance at a speed hacker, I could only get them moving about 1.5x as faster before I moved on. Posts by Solarint - SPT Mods Workshop (1)

Reworked bot running, they should only pause sprint to turn when they actually need to turn now.

Moved sain toggles for bots into a new category in global settings.

Added additional options to disable sain for specific bot types. Requires game restart still for all options.

Removed option to disable sain for player scavs, as p-scavs use the same brain type as PMC, and it would not work properly with the current method.

Removed option to disable sain for raiders, for the same reason.

Added check to make sure bots don't get stuck in SurgeryAction.

Adjusted bot friendly fire checks to be more accurate, hopefully.

Fixed bots being excluded from playing pain noises in vanilla EFT code.

Bots now prioritize looking at their enemies last know position more compared to randomly looking around to check for enemies.

Posts by Solarint - SPT Mods Workshop (2024)
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