NJDEP SRP - About the Site Remediation Program (2024)

About Site Remediation Program's Units

Division of Remediation Management

This lead division oversees remediation activities performed by responsible entities, including those performed by Licensed Site Remediation Professionals (LSRPs), and conducts publicly funded response actions at contaminated sites where a responsible entity is unwilling or unable to perform the necessary actions.


This element consists of the Bureau of Inspection & Review, and Northern and Southern Field Operations. The element is responsible for review of remediation work being overseen by Licensed Site Remediation Professionals (LSRP) and Unregulated Heating Oil Tank remediations being overseen by Subsurface Evaluators. Through the field offices, field support is provided to the element, as well as any field inspection and support needed by other groups within the program. The element will consist of three Bureaus as described below.

Bureau of Inspection & Review

This bureau inspects and reviews all key documents submitted by LSRPs in accordance with the requirements of the Site Remediation Reform Act. The bureau also interacts directly with the LSRPs and responsible parties to resolve any issues raised as a result of the reviews. They refer cases to the field offices for inspections at sites being remediated with LSRP oversight.

Bureau of Northern Field Operations

This bureau provides overall field support to the LSRP program. This includes site visits and inspections as a result of issues raised during document reviews or complaints from members of the public or other levels of government in the counties for which the field office is responsible. In addition, the office manages a random inspection program for sites managed by LSRPs. The office provides field support for other SRP units as required. The bureau also oversees unregulated tank remediation for cases that do not qualify for Subsurface Evaluator management and/or require On-Scene Coordinator oversight.

Bureau of Southern Field Operations

This bureau has the same responsibilities as Northern Field Operations for its respective counties. In addition, it is also responsible for the review and issuances of No Further Action (NFA) letters for unregulated heating oil tank remediations overseen by Subsurface Evaluators.


The element is comprised of the Bureau of Remedial Action Permitting, the Bureau of Case Management, and the Office of Brownfield Reuse. The element oversees the redevelopment, permitting and case manager oversight of sites undergoing remediation. In addition, they also provide support to the Site Remediation Professional Licensing Board (SRPLB) in reviewing and providing recommendations on applications for licensure of licensed site remediation professionals (LSRPs).

Bureau of Remedial Action Permitting

This bureau issues permits for remedial actions involving engineering and/or institutional controls to ensure the protectiveness of human health and the environment of remedial actions where contamination remains above applicable soil and ground water standards. The Bureau accomplishes this function by issuing, modifying and terminating remedial action permits for soils and groundwater, including the operation of ground water treatment systems and/or containment; permits related to monitored natural attenuation of ground water; and permits/deed notices associated with sites with soil contamination remaining above soil remediation goals which in most cases have an engineering control.

The bureau receives and reviews Remedial Action Protectiveness Certifications submitted every two years at a minimum to monitor whether the remedy remains protective, site conditions and potentially sensitive receptors remain unchanged, site use is consistent with the engineering or institutional controls in place, site disturbances and disruptions or alterations are returned to their original condition or if altered, or if remediation standards have changed.

Bureau of Case Management

This bureau oversees private responsible parties and other government agencies during the investigation and cleanup of hazardous waste sites in the state with soil and ground water contamination. These sites include industrial sites, military bases and other federal facilities, where hazardous substances have been discharged. The bureau’s responsibilities also include the oversight of sites that have failed to comply with mandatory timeframes under the Site Remediation Reform Act. These sites are assigned a case manager who reviews and approves all work including disbursem*nts of remediation funding sources submitted by the remediating party. The bureau uses Administrative Consent Orders (ACOs) and other oversight documents with responsible parties to ensure proper investigation and cleanup at these complex, high priority sites, which include National Priority List/Federal Superfund and Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) sites. The program requires that responsible parties conduct remediation in accordance with the rules and guidance documents.

Office of Brownfield & Community Revitalization

This office serves as the focal point for DEP’s Brownfield Development Area (BDA) Program and Landfill Redevelopment Program. These programs coordinate planning, resource acquisition and remediation with a focus on reuse. Individual BDAs are designated through a highly selective application process. Staff in OBR act as BDA coordinators as members of steering committees established for each assigned BDA. When persons responsible for conducting remediation submit documentation concerning the remediation and closure of the sites included in BDAs or Landfill Redevelopment Projects, staff in OBR will act as Inspectors and Reviewers of submittals made by LSRPs.

OBR also administers funding programs that support redevelopment. Staff review all applications to determine that the costs identified are legitimate and reasonable remediation costs. Funds administered include:

• Hazardous Discharge Site Remediation Fund Program, a loan and grant program to investigate and remediate contaminated sites;
• Brownfield Reimbursem*nt Fund Program, a program that reimburses developers up to 75% of remediation costs based on certain new taxes that are generated from a brownfield project;
• Municipal Landfill Closure and Remediation Reimbursem*nt Program, a program that reimburses developers up to 75% of landfill closure and remediation costs based on certain new taxes that are generated from a landfill redevelopment project; and
• Brownfield Remediation Federal Tax Incentive Certification, a program for expensing brownfield remediation costs for federal tax credit.


The Publicly Funded Element consists of the Bureau of Site Management and the Bureau of Environmental Measurements and Site Assessment. The element performs response actions at contaminated sites where the responsible party is unwilling or unable to perform the necessary actions. The element also responds to discharges of hazardous substances from unknown sources.

Bureau of Site Management

This bureau conducts remedial investigations to determine the nature and extent of the contamination at a site and conducts feasibility studies to determine the cost-effective remedy for the contamination. Once a remedy is chosen, they will conduct a formal remedial design and/or implement remedial construction at the site. The bureau implements receptor controls for Immediate Environmental Concern (IEC) and Vapor Concern (VC) cases. If the remedy involves Engineering and/or institutional controls, they will implement the appropriate operation and maintenance at the site.

Bureau of Environmental Measurements and Site Assessment

This bureau performs preliminary assessments and site investigations funded by EPA grant. They also perform field sampling and field laboratory support for the entire Site Remediation Program. In addition, the bureau oversees LSRPs in the conduct of IEC and VC cases and handles publicly funded response to IEC and Vapor Concern cases.

NJDEP SRP - About the Site Remediation Program (2024)
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