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Cyril Ramaphosa reelected as South African president

PoliticsJune 14, 2024

South Africa unity government: A new political era dawns

PoliticsJune 14, 2024

South Africa's ANC loses majority: What's behind it?

PoliticsJune 3, 202404:15 min

South Africa: Pros and cons of a national unity government

PoliticsJune 11, 2024

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June 14, 2024

Euro 2024: Wirtz and Musiala ignite Germany's Euro dreams

June 14, 2024

Scots take over Munich center ahead of Euro 2024 opening

June 14, 2024

Borussia Dortmund appoint Nuri Sahin as new coach

June 14, 2024

Sudan: Army says senior rebel commander killed amid siege

June 14, 2024

US Supreme Court rules gun 'bump stocks' ban unlawful

June 14, 2024

Putin: Peace if Ukraine stops NATO plans, gives up regions

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Why is the world ignoring the Sudan civil war?

It's been classified as one of the world's worst crises. But aid organizations say the Sudan war is being sidelined.

ConflictsJune 14, 2024

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Decoding China: Is EU starting trade war over electric cars?

Beijing is threatening countermeasures over EU tariffs on China's electric cars. German carmakers want open markets.

BusinessJune 14, 2024

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Germany honors those in uniform with new Veterans' Day

DW met up with a former soldier to discuss the significance of a day to honor all veterans.

PoliticsJune 14, 202402:07 min

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What will be the human cost of Poland's new border defenses?

Poland is fortifying its border with Belarus. Critics are asking at what — or whose — cost the project will come.

PoliticsJune 14, 2024

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Middle East

Gaza war stops Palestinian Muslims from joining Hajj

This year, over one-and-half million Muslims are gathering in Mecca for the Hajj pilgrimage.

ReligionJune 14, 202401:45 min

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North America

Fact check: Fake footage of Russian warships in Cuba

As Russian navy ships, some with advanced weapons, arrived in Cuba, fake videos about the event have circulated online.

PoliticsJune 13, 2024

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Latin America

Courts in Ecuador set to rule in landmark labor abuse cases

Workers say they suffered abuse on plantations producing plant fiber for Japanese company Furukawa.

Human RightsJune 14, 202403:34 min

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UEFA European Championship

Germany is hosting the 2024 UEFA European Championship, or Euro 2024 for short. The men's football tournament kicks off in Munich on June 14 and ends with the final in Berlin's Olympic Stadium on July 14.

Luka Modric in pursuit of elusive title with Croatia

Luka Modric in pursuit of elusive title with Croatia

Luka Modric remains the heart and soul of Croatia as he heads into what is likely his final international tournament.

SoccerJune 14, 2024

Euro 2024: Young stars to look out for

Euro 2024: Young stars to look out for

DW takes a look at some of the young stars who could shine during this summer's Euro 2024 in Germany.

SoccerJune 14, 20249 images

Germany's Florian Wirtz ready to shine at Euro 2024

Germany's Florian Wirtz ready to shine at Euro 2024

Florian Wirtz is ready to shine for Germany at Euro 2024. But what makes the Leverkusen star so good?

SoccerJune 13, 2024

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Top stories in 90 seconds

Top stories in 90 seconds

DW brings you the top international news stories in brief.

June 14, 202401:23 min

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Euromaxx - Lifestyle Europe

Euromaxx - Lifestyle Europe

A Disney actor with Down syndrome, a day with the highway patrol and Barcelona in check.

June 14, 202426:04 min

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Ukraine is the largest country by area in Europe, if Russia is excluded. On February 24, 2022, Russia invaded Ukraine, leading to a prolonged conflict.

G7 leaders take aim at Russia and its allies

G7 leaders take aim at Russia and its allies

Leaders of the G7 countries, concluding their two-day meeting in Italy, have released their final declaration.

PoliticsJune 14, 202402:14 min

Ukraine summit: Which Southeast Asian nations are going?

Ukraine summit: Which Southeast Asian nations are going?

World leaders, including delegates from Southeast Asia, are converging in a Swiss resort to discuss peace in Ukraine.

ConflictsJune 14, 2024

'Historic' deal to fund Kyiv using frozen Russian assets

'Historic' deal to fund Kyiv using frozen Russian assets

G7 leaders have backed a multibillion-dollar deal to use the interest from frozen Russian assets to help Ukraine.

ConflictsJune 14, 202404:49 min

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In the spotlight

Is everyone welcome at the Paris Olympics?

Homeless people, including refugees, are being sent out of Paris to the provinces ahead of the Summer Olympics.

SportsJune 14, 202404:23 min

Ivory Coast combats child labor for chocolate

Ivory Coast has made major strides in eliminating child labor, especially in the cocoa industry.

SocietyJune 13, 202401:38 min

Why are young German voters abandoning the Greens?

A rising German youth vote for the climate-skeptic far right at the EU elections contrasts with plummeting Greens votes.

ClimateJune 13, 2024

Will Pakistan's new budget help the country's poorest?

How far does Pakistan's tax collection target go to help the nation's poor, who have been struggling to make ends meet?

BusinessJune 13, 2024

Will India's new coalition government rein in Narendra Modi?

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has won a third consecutive term, but coalition politics could leave him with less control.

PoliticsJune 13, 202404:56 min

Hungary: Terminally ill man denied right to assisted suicide

The court found Hungary's ban on euthanasia didn't breach the European Convention on Human Rights.

Human RightsJune 13, 202403:10 min

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In Uganda, breast milk group gives lifesaving help

In Uganda, a growing community of mothers is giving hope to parents unable to provide breast milk for their newborns.

HealthJune 13, 202402:45 min

Greece, Turkey feeling the heat as temperatures soar

It's getting hot in Southern Europe, leading to school closures and fears of potential forest fires.

LifestyleJune 13, 20247 images

Can Earth be saved by its digital twin?

What exactly will climate change do to your city? The EU has created a digital twin of the Earth to help find answers.

Digital WorldJune 13, 202403:51 min

Skipping rope in Nigeria spurs philanthropy

A community in Nigeria's Kano state is using the activity of skipping rope to raise funds for vulnerable people.

SportsJune 13, 202401:29 min

Art and football meet in immersive exhibition

In an exhibition at the German Football Museum in Dortmund, visual art and football merge in symbiotic artistry.

ArtsJune 13, 2024

What's the secret of South Africa's sweet treat koesisters?

For many South African locals, this fried dough is way better then doughnuts.

LifestyleJune 12, 202405:10 min


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