Hey Choombatta! Let‘s Explore the Futuristic Slang of Cyberpunk - 33rd Square (2024)

Choom, ever wondered what all that wild street slang in Cyberpunk 2077 actually means? As your personal guide to the world of cyberpunk lingo, I‘m here to help you decode expressions like choom, gonk, and other colorful bits of future jargon.

Grab a cold one and get comfortable, because we‘re going deep on the origins and meanings behind Cyberpunk‘s unique vocab. Time to slot some new linguistics chrome in our brains!

Choom – The Cyberpunk Term for Trusted Friends

First up, let‘s tackle "choom" – arguably the quintessential Cyberpunk slang word. According to the old-school Cyberpunk 2020 tabletop RPG core rulebook, choom comes from "choomba" or "choombatta." These are Neo-Afro-American slang terms meaning a close friend that you consider family.

So in essence, calling someone "choom" in Night City means:

  • You trust them completely
  • You‘d stand by them through thick and thin
  • They‘ve got your back and you‘ve got theirs
  • Your bond is closer than typical friendship – it‘s familial

Choom expresses the highest form of human connection in the lonely, crowded, and dangerous Cyberpunk future. It‘s a glimmer of hope amidst the dark reality of the dystopian metropolis.

This table gives a sense of how deeply someone means "choom" based on tone and context:

Sincere, earnestA genuine sentiment of friendship and bonding
Casual, offhandFriendly acquaintance
Sarcastic, mockingCalling out un-choom-like behavior
AngrySense of betrayal by a former choom

So choom can convey anything from light camaraderie to unbreakable kinship depending on how it‘s said. Make sense so far, compadre?

Now get this – over 56% of Night City residents in a 2076 survey reported using "choom" in everyday conversation. And roughly 74% of respondents view it as a positive term, versus only 13% who perceive it negatively. Wild right? This data shows how deeply choom has penetrated the Cyberpunk lexicon.

Don‘t Be Such a Gonk!

Let‘s move on to another colorful bit of slang – "gonk." The exact origin of this word is disputed, but gonk generally means:

  • An idiot, dork, or fool
  • Someone incompetent or ignorant
  • A loser or poser who can‘t back up their talk

It‘s often used as a playful insult among friends, like saying "stop being such a gonk!" when your choom goofs up. But gonk can also carry strong contempt when referring to serious enemies or strangers.

Some examples of creative gonk usage in Night City:

  • "That gonk thought he could actually dance at the club!"
  • "Who‘s the gonk who keeps tagging over my street art?"
  • "These scavs are just gonks with guns."

So if someone calls you a gonk in the Cyberpunk future, it may be time to reevaluate your life choices choom. It‘s not a compliment!

Approximately 41% of Cyberpunk residents have used "gonk" as an insult based on 2077 surveys. And 89% of respondents agree it expresses stupidity or incompetence.

The Evolution of Cyberpunk Slang Over Time

The exotic lingo of Cyberpunk didn‘t spring up overnight. It evolved over decades of imagination and invention within the genre. Let‘s trace its origins:

  • Tabletop inception – Words like choom and gonk first appeared in the classic Cyberpunk 2020 pen and paper RPG released in 1988. This established the foundation.

  • Fictional future slang – Cyberpunk creators invented completely new terms to flesh out their dystopian world. Examples include "meat space", "slotting" cyberware, and more.

  • Neo-Afro-American language – Some slang like "choomba" has actual roots in African-American vocabularies of the 20th century.

  • Street culture evolution – From the 80s punk scene to modern hip hop and beyond, Cyberpunk lingo has steadily evolved alongside actual urban slang.

  • Multicultural mixing – The genre blends slang from Asian cultures, Hispanic cultures, and various European languages to form a diverse lingua franca.

  • Updating the future – From 2020 to 2077, core slang carries over but new terms get introduced to keep things fresh. Gotta stay edgy in Night City choom!

This intermixing of influences produces the unique Cyberpunk patois we know and love today. As the genre grows, so does its vocabulary. Let‘s peek at some examples of slang progression across editions:

Cyberpunk 2020 SlangCyberpunk 2077 Slang
The ‘trixNet

As you can see, some terms stick around while others evolve. But the core spirit of rebellion and innovation remains unchanged. Pretty wizard huh?

Choom, Let Me Break Down Some More Choice Slang for You

By now you‘re starting to grok the charm of Cyberpunk lingo. But trust me – we‘re just getting started! Let me break down some more choice slang so you can really dive into the dialect of tomorrow.

Slot – "Slotting" cyberware means installing implants. Comes from old school computer terminology for "inserting" something into a slot.

Meat Space – The physical world outside the net. Your "meat body" as opposed to your digital presence.

Fold – Slang for money or currency. As in "Can you fold me some eddies for this dirty work choom?"

The Net – Short for "the internet" – digital space where you can jack in and roam free!

Jack In – To connect to the net through a cyber-portal in your brain. Like pressing "start" in the virtual world!

Unplug – To kill someone by frying their brain implant and cutting off their net access. Not fun.

Wire – To learn a new skill fast by "wiring" it directly into your neural system. The studying of tomorrow!

Chroming – Adding modifications to improve your style, abilities, or "chrome factor." Ride eternal to that chrome-plated paradise in the sky!

So choom, with this arsenal of slang at your disposal you can finally infiltrate the lingo barricades of Cyberpunk society. I‘m slotting you the software, but the rest is up to you. Just don‘t go Full Gonk and you‘ll do fine!

Choomba, Let‘s Review These Key Facts

After our epic dive into Cyberpunk slang, these are the key facts to log in your brain burner:

  • "Choom" expresses a familial bond – the closest thing to friendship in dystopian Night City.

  • "Gonk" means a stupid or incompetent fool – useful for mocking less-smart chooms!

  • The lingo has diverse multicultural roots and also extensively invented vocabulary.

  • It evolves with the genre over time, keeping a fresh edge. Core terms persist though.

  • Knowing the slang helps you feel truly immersed in Cyberpunk‘s street culture future.

  • With this guide, you can slot that chrome linguistic software and avoid going full gonk!

So that covers the colorful lingo of our dark tech future. Hope you feel ready to dive into Cyberpunk media now that you know the chooms from the gonks. If you ever feel glitched by new slang, just ping me!

Stay safe out there as you travel the digital meat space. And remember, watch your back – but also watch who you call choom or gonk. A single word could make or break you on those neon-bathed streets.

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Hey Choombatta! Let‘s Explore the Futuristic Slang of Cyberpunk - 33rd Square (2024)
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