Goon Education — GoonHunter (2024)

Goon Education — GoonHunter (1)

Who are the “Goons?”

The “Goons” are Rogue Boss's in Escape From Tarkov. They were added in patch and need to be killed in order to complete the quest "Stray Dogs". Below you will find some data on each of the “Goons” in regards to equipment, spawn chance and how to handle them in combat at each location.

Goon Education — GoonHunter (2)

Big Pipe

Special Traits:
Strategic Fighter and Tabaco Connoisseur

Unique Equipment:

• M32A1 MSGL 40mm Grenade Launcher
• Big Pipe's Smoking Pipe
• Big Pipe's Bandana
• S&S Precision PlateFrame Plate Carrier


• SIG MCX .300 Blackout Assault Rifle [M62 & AP]
• Remington 870 12 Guage Shotgun [Flechette]
• Colt M45A1 .45 ACP Pistol [.45 AP]

Health Stats:
Head: 70
Thorax: 220
Stomach: 200
Arms: 110 each
Legs: 100 each
Total: 910

Goon Education — GoonHunter (3)

Special Traits:
Aggressive Fighting Style and Fortified

Unique Equipment:

• Death Knight Mask
• Crye Prevision CPC Plate Carrier


• Desert Tech MDR 7.62x51 Assault Rifle [M61,M62 & BCP FMJ]
• FN SCAR-H 7.62x51 Assault Rifle FDE [M61 & M80]
• CMMG Mk47 Mutant 7.62x39 Assault Rifle [BP]
• SIG MCX SPEAR 6.8x51 assault rifle [FMJ & Hybrid]
• Glock 17 9x19 Pistol [PST]
• Glock 18C 9x19 Machine Pistol [PST]

Health Stats:
Head: 80
Thorax: 220
Stomach: 220
Arms: 150 each
Legs: 150 each
Total: 1,120

Goon Education — GoonHunter (4)

Bird Eye

Special Traits:
Eagle Eye and Silent Footsteps

Unique Equipment:
• Mystery Ranch NICE COMM 3 BVS Frame System
• LBT-1961A Load Bearing Chest Rig

• Remington Model 700 7.62x51 Bolt Action Sniper Rifle [M61]
• Remington R11 RSASS 7.62x51 Marksman Rifle [M993]
• Knight's Armament Company SR-25 7.62x51 Marksman Rifle [M61 & M80]
• Colt M4A1 5.56x45 Assault Rifle [M855A1 & SOST]
• Beretta M9A3 9x19 Pistol [PST]

Health Stats:
Head: 70
Thorax: 175
Stomach: 150
Arms: 100 each
Legs: 100 each
Total Health: 795

Statistical data on this site was pulled from:

Where do the “Goons” spawn?


Goon Education — GoonHunter (6)

Spawn Chance: 35%

Stronghold Strategy:
The best way to deal with the Goons on Customs is to gain their attention while you are at the "Crackhouse". This can easily done by just walking around near the second story windows facing Stronghold.

After gaining the attention of the Goons your best chance to kill them would be to sit in a room such as the dining room or bathroom on the first floor and close the door, as this will create a small time period of them opening the door allowing you to shoot them with no repercussions. Be aware of any exposed windows as you can get shot through them.

Now for Bird Eye. Keep in mind that he will stay behind and wait till the action is over to show himself. In order to get Bird Eye to show himself you can either wait for him to push you after you kill Knight and Big Pipe, or you could throw grenades in his direction in order to pinpoint his location.


Goon Education — GoonHunter (7)

Spawn Chance: 35%

Scav Bunker Strategy:

Due to the extremely long spotting distance of the Goons, it is extremely hard to fight them at this location. It can be done but this just means that trying to fight them at this location is a very high risk decision.

If you can somehow safely make it into one of the shipping containers or even the bunker itself, you can use the tight corridors and walls as cover to take out Knight and Big Pipe. Once they are dead, hold your position to see if Bird Eye will push you. If he does not, you will need to toss grenades to pinpoint his location.


Goon Education — GoonHunter (8)

Spawn Chance: 35%

Weather Station Strategy:

You first want to get the attention of the Goons. This can be easily done by playing a game of "Chicken" with them by quickly running up and down the hill until you hear voice lines or you start getting shot at. You can also toss a flash grenade to get them moving as well.

Once you gain their attention you want to run down the hill a little bit and wait for them to push you. Both Knight and Big Pipe will rush towards you, giving you a chance to shoot them. After Big Pipe and Knight are dealt with, Birdeye will reposition to find an angle on you, or he will push you as well.

Birdeye is an extremely easy kill if he's out in the open and in close range. If he decides to reposition your best options are to throw grenades to find him or try to get him to rush you by continuously re-peeking him until he pushes you.


Goon Education — GoonHunter (9)

Spawn Chance: 30%

Chalet Strategy:

‍The best way to handle the Goons is to push into the chalet and wait in the first floor sauna room for them to push you. Using rooms and doors with a right hand peak and exposing as little of yourself as possible is the meta here. Use the rocks on the east side in order to safely approach and enter the building.

Water Treatment Strategy:
Just like the chalet, using rooms and doors with a right hand peak and exposing as little of yourself as possible is the way to get them. Try to use the rooms on the lower level of buildings 1 & 2 to give you an angle and let them rush you. If Bird Eye does not push you, use grenades to flush him out.

Goon Education — GoonHunter (2024)
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